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Feng Shui Tips for Your Home Office

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Many people work from their home and if you are not benefiting from your hard work, you can use the guidelines given in Feng Shui to arrange your home office. Generally, it can be made anywhere - in the bedroom, on the dining table, in the basement of the house or in the guest room.

To set up a profitable home office, you should follow the Feng Shui tips given below:

1. The home office can be located in either of the directions: South- East, North West, North East or North.

2. Home office should be separated from other rooms of the house. The areas used for rest should only be used for the purpose of rest, and the portions of the house defined for work, should be used for work.

3. The entrance of the home office should be separated from other rooms of the house because if you arrange a meeting at your home office, it should look like an official meeting place. The client should not go through your living area to the office as it will distract attention from the main purpose and show your unprofessionalism.

4. The home office should have good light and air, and it will be good to have a window in it. Window allows good energy inside the room and creates positive working environment needed for concentrated work.

5. The house having a low ceiling is not good according to Feng Shui for home office because more space is required to be attentive and to grow in all directions.

6. If you are hiring furniture for home office, then you should first find out if the previous owner of the furniture was successful or not. The furniture should not be too large or too cosy like bedroom furniture. It is best recommended to have a set of new furniture.

7. The colour of home office furniture should be red or black. These colours help a person to improve concentration.

8. The shelves should be closed and be clutter-free, because different things around the home office may distract attention.

9. Some of the bad places used for home office are: bedroom of the house, centre of the house, room close to toilet or kitchen, and office under a stairway.

10. If the ceiling of the house is slanted, you can keep the desk of your home office at the wall, which has a high ceiling and the side having a low ceiling can be used for keeping files of the office.

11. Basements are generally, used by home owners to start a home office and basements even have a different entrance but it is not good for office because basement rooms do not get enough air and sunlight and this may blur the vision of the owner. The owner of the business will be unclear about his future if the home office is started in a basement.

12. You can keep plants in the office area to attract positive energy into the home office.

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