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Feng Shui Tips for Office Desk

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Feng Shui office desk tips will improve your business operations by allowing you concentrate better at work by having a better sense of balance with the surroundings. By re-arranging the environment you work in, you will automatically make a perhaps unnoticeable transition towards being a more relaxed and yet better focused type of person who is able to complete his everyday duties in the most efficient manner. Because let's face it - work is all about being able to stay sharp and motivated and that's exactly what is achieved through our guide for developing a Feng Shui office desk.

If you examine the furniture in a typical office, the desk plays a central role in it because this is the place where the entire work is being done. Everything that matters to your business operations, all the decisions you will be making are taken straight out of your desk and that's why it's so crucial to make sure that it meets certain criteria and standards. First of all, it's essential that you position the desk in a really favorable location, due to the fact that this will guarantee that all your business activities will run smoothly.

To start with, never have your back towards a window while sitting on your chair in front of your desk. Always make sure there is a wall behind you so that your Chi energy doesn't leak out. Secondly, a Feng Shui office desk must be in a position where you get a clear look at your front door, which should be right in front of you, preferably. It's a good idea to have some kind of a painting placed on the wall behind you, preferably an Earth element like a mountain to gain extra support and strength. The water element is considered to bring wealth, so it's good if you can have an aquarium or a fountain, or at least an image of waves.

You can enhance the Chi energy in your office space even further by adding certain Feng Shui items. The south wall is a good location or placing a crystal pyramid as it symbolizes your desire to move up and develop. Remember that the south-east corner is considered by Feng Shui as the wealth area inside a room, so you can use it attract financial wealth by adding a Chinese symbol, or anything that you associate with money, like a gold coin for example.

Get a figurine of a sitting Ganesha with 4 hands and a head of an elephant, because that's the God of wisdom. Ganesha has the special ability of helping out your business when times are hard and bringing in success. The figure of Ganesha holds an axe in one hand to cut all bonds, and has a rope in the other to drag to you towards achieving your ultimate goals. In case you want to be a leader in your business sector, which is indeed a heavy cross to carry, then place a dragon on the right side of your Feng Shui office desk.

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26 Secrets of Feng Shui
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This e-book explains the important Feng Shui elements and their application in your home, office, business and everyday life. When you apply these principles, you'll be able to change the energy around you and will see improvements in all aspects of life.

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